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Heavy Duty Trouser Belts which are used by:


The South African Police services

The South African Department of Correctional Services

New Generations Webbing Belt

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100 % Polyester Belts


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100% Polyester. Which is the highest quality available for this type of fabric. Thickness: 3mm.


Can be woven in any colour or be printed with (camouflage) patterns according to the specifications of the client. The camouflage patterns are applied by means of transfer printing, resulting in the maximum levels of colour-fastness.

Belt Widths

The webbing belt is available in 55mm and 40mm width.


The buckle is of polyamide-6 resin, directly injected onto the fabric, thus enabling the webbing and buckle to form an exceptionally strong unit.


The emblem is made of brass, hand painted with heat resistant, non-fading paint, with an epoxy coating.

Further, the buckle flap can also be plain, without emblem. Alternatively an embossed emblem can be considered:


The end of the webbing is placed on the inside of the belt, which provides a neat look when one is wearing the belt since the belt-tip is not visible; the buckle allows for size adjustment.

Another possibility is a mettelette emblem:


The webbing is standard made in the following sizes:

Small  90cm long

Medium 110cm long

Large  130 cm long

X-Large 150 cm long

Other sizes can be made on request of the client.

 (Sizes are indicated in the belt-tip).

Camouflage Pattern Camouflage Patterns Belt Widths Mould Insert Mould Insert Emboss Dubai Customs Emblem Metrorail Emblem Cross Axes Buckle with size adjustment


The Webbing Belt conforms the stringent internationally recognized specifications of the South African Bureau of Standards. Test reports:


461/83601/N1332 – To determine the strength of the buckle.

A force of 5 000 Newton was applied to the buckle – it remained undamaged.  

461/83601/ N1182 – To determine the strength of the buckle’s attachments to the belts.

The buckle separates from the belt at 1981 Newton.

2304/523338/N1690 – Belt grip test.

The belt starts slipping through the buckle at 346 N. Belt tip slips through buckle at 2 375 N. The breaking strength of the material is 676 N x 53mm.

2304/671357/P437 – To determine the wear and durability of the clasp of the buckle.

The buckle has been opened and closed 1 320 times (equivalent to one year’s use). Slight wear, still functions 100%.

5522/1459008/G1/S186 – To determine flammability.

All the results were ‘nil’ because the webbing did not burn.

Use The belt is worn by the military and police force in several countries, and is suited for any large


Neckband for Cattle, buckle

Use for precision farming.

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Webbing and snap Hook

Used to attach flags to the pole.

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